Our Solutions

StrataFin specialises in crafting cash flow solutions for Bodies Corporates and Home Owner Associations
that may find themselves in an unpredictable financial position.
Debt Purchase Solution:

We understand that within a changeable economy, you can experience capital speed bumps, which may have a lasting impact on the company’s stability as a whole. Through our Stratafin Debt Purchasing Agreement solution, we will effectively accumulate the following by purchasing it from the Body Corporate or Home Owners Association directly:

Special Levies
Water and electricity
Legal charges
Other dues

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Our Cash Flow Solutions:
  • Increasing liquidity by accelerating cash flow
  • Achieve certainty on reinsurance and insurance asset values
  • Improving your balance sheet by discharging bad-debt provisions
  • Refocusing on core business activities
  • Allowing your business to stay ahead of the growing debt problem in the country
  • Monthly expenditure
  • Payment of utility accounts
  • Capital improvements
Consultation Solution:

At StrataFin we offer consulting services that allow you to weigh up all the necessary aspects when considering a debt purchase agreement. Our team has experience that collectively spans over 50 years and covers a range of fields such as law, finance and sectional title management. We are available to tailor our solutions to your needs and specifications.

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