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About Us

StrataFin is your first choice in leading cash flow solutions.

We pride ourselves on exceeding expectation as specialists in the capital and financial field. We understand how a fluctuating economy can often create negative impacts on Bodies Corporate and Home Owner Association’s and this is why our StrataFin model is tailored to your specific needs.

Our advanced knowledge of the Sectional Title Industry and Home Owners Associations in South Africa allows us to provide solid, streamlined solutions through multiple financial challenges. Our working model is tried, tested and customised to our clients’ specific financial objectives.

At StrataFin we appreciate that financial instability can happen in this day and age, which is why our expert team strives to engage comprehensive, personalised solutions to keep your business on track and on balance.

Let StrataFin assist you in building a successful and flourishing Body Corporate and Home Owner Association’s.

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