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Consulting Services

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Consulting Services

Need help with municipal accounts, deceased estates, administration, executive management, scheme compliance, rule changes, or more? Our team is experienced in law, financial services, governance, and sectional title management, so we’ll help you navigate the complex nuances of property management.

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Our consulting services

Administration and Rule Changes

By partnering with TVDM Consultants, we can help you with CSOS compliant conduct and management rule changes.

Professional Trustees

We can assist as a professional trustee on your behalf to sit on your board and ensure compliance with CSOS and the Sectional Title Scheme Management Act.

Municipal Services

We, through our partner company, Confiance Administrative Solutions, can assist you with overdue and incorrectly billed municipal accounts and negotiate a reasonable payment plan with your municipal office.

Sectional Title Insurance

Our partner company, StrataSure, can assist you with comprehensive insurance for your community scheme.

Eviction Assistance

We partner with Xpello who simplifies the eviction process when tenants refuse to keep to their side of a rental agreement.

Deceased Estates

Our extensive experience working with deceased estates means we can take over as executor and wind up the estate in the quickest time possible.

Legal Consultation

With over 80 years of collective experience in South African law, the legal professionals from DTB Attorneys are able to help you with any questions you may have to do with your Community Scheme's compliance with the Sectional Title Scheme Management Act.

10 Year Maintenance Plan

We partner with Mirfin - to assist you with planning your scheme’s long-term maintenance and cash flow.

Insurance Valuation

We partner with CuraSure to provide you with Insurance full replacement cost valuation reports.

Need consulting help in any of these areas for your Community Scheme?