Hybrid Solution

Hybrid Solution

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Hybrid Solution

If you feel financially trapped within your community scheme, our hybrid solution can help. Through a combination of debt purchase and fixed-term loans, we’ll give you access to upfront funding by buying your historic debt, and topping it up with a fixed-term loan, so you can conduct much-needed maintenance on your Scheme.

Why take on a hybrid solution?

Best of Both Options

You get instant cash flow, plus you lower the amount you need to borrow. Thus your interest liability is lower, and your monthly payments are reduced

Cash Flow for Repairs

It allows your Scheme to do much-needed repairs and maintenance to the buildings

Scheme Liability Free

Defaulting owners are held liable to repay the debt – rather than the Scheme as a whole.

No Legal Hassle

The legal process is removed from the Scheme, so you don't pay any legal fees and don't undertake any legal processes

No Hidden Fees

No admin, accounting fee, or other costs are payable


Funds can be used for anything you decide

Payers Left Unaffected

No additional payments are due from the paying owners

Improve the Community

It allows your Scheme to replace non-paying owners with paying owners

Increase Investment Value

It increases your property value and the property investment as a whole

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